Can I Reseal Double Glazing Windows?

Secondary glazing

People have been debating between aluminium and uPVC windows for many years. They’re both durable and require little to no maintenance.  Besides that, neither material has a tendency to warp. That’s what makes them perfect for windows.  Yet, there are several differences between the two materials. Because of that, they come with a distinct set […]

How to Stop Bifold Doors from Blowing in the Wind

Bi-fold doors have seen increasing popularity over the years as both a modern and stylish style of door. Many homeowners find their structure of large, glass panes attractive due to the amount of natural light and the seamless connection to nature they offer. However, glass is not the strongest of materials, and sometimes the entire […]

Pros and Cons of Argon Gas in Windows

double glazed casement windows

Energy efficiency is one of the main focal points in the home improvement industry, directly as a result of energy inflation and the following rise in the cost of living. One of the most popular home improvement installations is double glazing. This is due to the substance that’s placed in between the dual (or triple […]

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