Stunning, bespoke conservatories providing a cosy area in you home filled with natural light. All our conservatories are made custom for your home a perfect choice for older or more traditional buildings.

WIth a Central Lighting Panel, you have a range of glass styles which can be fitted into your conservatory. The panel adds an insulated electrical housing system to the centre ridge (or where the roof meets the building wall on a lean-to style conservatory). Furthermore, the central lighting panel insulated along the ridge area is helping your room to remain warmer in winter.

This insulated panel allows you to install a range of lighting features, whats more is that these can be customised and decorated in a colour of your choice. Find the perfect lighitng system that suits your home and provides your conservatory with a more “room-like” feel.


Livinroof is a cost effective, simple to fit, pre-packaged solid roof kid that is aimed at the replacement of tired conservatory roofs. Unrivalled quality with regards to thermal performance, safety and, versatility.

Upgrade from polycarbonate to glass, high performance glass or why not consider a solid roof as a replacement?

Whether you’ve bought a home with an existing conservatory or require a change to your current setup, there are a number of options for replacing your roof. We have a way that helps you get the best of all worlds.

Livinroof is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to choose a full solid roof or combine a solid and glazed style. Glazing panels can be inserted just about anywhere to help you maximise the use of natural light and give you a truly bespoke design.

Ultraroof is the most advanced replacement roof available on the market today. An authentic tile finish and range of external options for capping and fascia boards makes the roof stand apart.

Internally you can configure the ceiling to incorporate spotlights or speakers. At the apex choose a flat panel to insert down lights or hanging pendant lights for main or mood lighting.


An orangery is the perfect balance between an extra room and a conservatory. Orangeries provide a more room-like feel with its internal detailing around the roof to give a partial solid ceiling with a large central glazed area.

The Ultrasky lantern roof & deck

The UltraSky lantern rooflight is designed to perfectly complement your property’s style and is easily installed on a new-build extension, traditional orangery or exisiting flat roof to bright light and space into your home.

The thermally efficient glazing helps to reduce heat loss and intrusive noise, ensuring your room  stays warm and cosy. In addition you can add a roof vent – available in selected sizes with manual or automatic openers, or an automatic opener with rain and temperature control- keeps it feeling comfortable all year round. Choose a stylish white PVC finish to match modern window frames, or add an extra touch of elegence with aluminium, which is available in: White, Anthracite Grey or Satin Black as standard.