Front doors, Patio doors and French-style doors – they can all have a big influence on the look and character of your home.


Front doors, patio doors and French-style doors – they can all have a big influence on the look and character of your home.


We offer all these options in a wide range of finishes – from PVCu doors to composite ones, from simple glazed designs to more ornate styles, with decorative glass or panelling. As well as being beautifully made, each door is designed to stand the test of time. So they not only work superbly as a barrier, they also enhance your home too.


Bring the garden closer to the house and use it like another room. With easy access in summer and a wonderful view in winter, a patio door adds light and air to life – all year round.


Throw open French doors and invite the garden, terrace, balcony or country views inside. Our French door allows you to enjoy the benefits of modern design with high security, advanced weather and energy performance combined to ensure our products are built to last the test of time.


They can create a whole new feel for your home, linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, bi-fold doors are the ideal replacement for existing patio or French doors to flood any room with natural light. Amazingly flexible and versatile, bi-fold doors can be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space available.

We Make It Easy From Start To Finish

Step 1
Design Consultation

Our design team have extensive experience with all our products and will help you choose the perfect products for your home..

Step 2
Made to Measure

Our technical surveyor will take the measurements that we use to manufacture your product.

Step 3
Professionally Installed

Our fitting team will arrive at your property to install your products to the highest standard possible.

Step 4
Guarantee & Warranty

Once the work has been completed and your balance is paid, we will send your guarantee/warranty and a copy of the insurance backed guarantee.


So, whether it’s our security hinges, state of the art 10 point locking system, our dedication to security is second to none.

Features and benefits

10 Point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind
4 Pre-compression rollers allowing door to seal prior to hooks engaging for smooth operation
3 Opposing steel hooks to maximise strength
2 Anti-lift bolts preventing door lock being dislodged from keeps
1 Centre latch for ease of day to day operation, incorporating dead-lock action when bolts and locks are engaged for added security.

Industry leading 10 point locking system

1. Opposing steel hook
2. Anti-lift dead bolt
3. Pre-compression rollers
4. Dead lock latch
5. Modern design pad and door handle
6. Centre hook dead bolt



A beautiful range of colours and stains, including uPVC woodgrain finishes, which look like real wood, but without the maintenance. Plus, dual colours with white inside and a second shade on the exterior, in-keeping with both the character of your property and inside décor.

Take a look at what our customers have to say about the service we provide

I love my new Windows and Doors!!

I love my new windows and doors. The two guys – Brian & Lee done an amazing job, they were friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get new windows and/or new doors.

Love the new Window and Door

Very delighted with the new window and door. Very good fitter who did an amazing job as taking the old out was quite a problem, he was a very neat worker and pleasant to deal with. We had a hitch about the date to be fitted and in the end we had no option but Christmas Eve. Communication at the beginning was not very good and we only got the promised fitting “before Christmas” by getting angry which was not very good service but we are nevertheless delighted with the job. Thank you very much.

Just installed New Windows and Doors

Just installed new windows and doors to my house I fully recommend sarah in the north east branch who was very professional in everything and she kept me up to date. From start to finish Thank you !!!!!