Secondary Glazing In Scotland.

Secondary glazing is a highly effective and convenient home improvement solution and is highly sought after in the chilly country of Scotland. 

With secondary glazing, you can kill the energy crisis immediately. Secondary glazing has great thermal insulation, comparable to double glazing, only instead of adding a whole window – we instead add another pane to the interior of your window. This will save you money off your bills, and with the savings, you will eventually save the cost of the instalment – essentially making it free in the long term.

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Additional Benefits To Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing adds a large amount of noise reduction, so you can enjoy your home even if it is near busy streets. It also strengthens the window, enhancing impact resistance and security. 


Secondary glazing also has condensation reduction, which is very important for increasing respiratory health and preventing health issues, especially if you have vulnerable individuals inside. We also have options to protect against the sun’s UV rays, similar to sunscreen, ensuring your skin remains as vibrant as it can be. 


Check out our FAQs for more information! 

Secondary glazing

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

Secondary glazing adds an extra pane of glass to the window frame from the outside, whereas Double Glazing adds a second pane of glass within the unit itself. On top of that, to help boost the insulation beyond what secondary glazing is capable of, there is usually air or argon gas between the two window panes. This heavily slows the transfer of heat. 

So why get secondary glazing? Easy – it’s an effective retrofit solution. Meaning, if you’re unwilling to replace the entire window, or you simply can’t, you can easily get an effective insulation solution immediately. It is easier to fit and doesn’t break any rules or regulations for listed buildings that are fairly common in Scotland. 

On top of that, it’s been found that secondary glazing outcompetes double glazing when it comes to noise reduction. That and, of course, costs. Secondary Glazing is cheaper than double glazing. 

Yes, you can. However, you must understand that you should probably have some knowledge and experience in DIY before the attempt. 

Installing Secondary Glazing means having to measure the height and width of the window recess multiple times, as precision is very important. Imprecision usually leads to poor sealing, depending on the fixture measures. 

The fixing measures are as follows: 

  • Magnetic Fixings – These are convenient, as they allow you to easily remove and replace. They come in the form of strips. 
  • Adhesive Fixings – Adhesive fixes the secondary glazing in place in a much more involved, permanent solution. 
  • Framed Systems – This is a more complex method. It involves fitting the glazing panel into the frame, which can then be opened or tilted. For DIYers to attempt this, you must have some level of construction and craftsman skill. 


The seals must be airtight, and you must ensure you’re careful with the secondary glazing itself. It is a thin glass that can break quite easily, and lead to injuries. 

Yes. Secondary Glazing can increase property value due to the benefits it gives to the home. Value is based on three things – size, aesthetics and function. 

Secondary glazing brings the following functions to the home: 

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Noise Reduction
  • Security
  • UV Protection (optional) 


These benefits increase comfort and save money on bills, each of which is highly attractive to prospective buyers. 

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