Roughcasting - Monocouche Renders

Monocouche is a French term – when translated to English it means “One Coat”. Our renders are applied in two passes, but these bond together to form one strong monolithic coat. Perfect for any roughcasting project. 

Roughcasting - Perfect for Restoration

Compared to smooth render, This style is particularly advantageous in exposed districts because its heavy texture creates a larger surface area that aids moisture absorption and evaporation. Additionally, the application method allows use of a mortar mix less prone to shrinkage while curing


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Roughcasting Options

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Properla Roughcasting
Properla Roughcasting

The ProPERLA offer a range of super hydrophobic coating designed to reduce energy costs and protect your home.

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème is designed to insulate bricks and porous building materials. The product chemically bonds itself to the surface of the material, the crème can penetrate up to 17mm and will create an invisible insulation barrier.

The Masonry Crème is based on nanotechnology that causes a chemical reaction with certain mineral groups. This chemical reaction actively bonds onto such surfaces as brick and concrete. This in return protects the construction materials against rain, dirt, algae, pollution, oil, and more.

Our specially trained technicians will apply the crème directly onto surfaces which are less than one year old. Older surfaces must first be cleaned thoroughly with a pressure washer before treatment. Surfaces with a strong discoloration, algae or moss growth should be treated with ProPERLA® CLEANER and rinsed with water.

By using ProPERLA® Masonry Crème you can look to expect:

·      Improved thermal efficiency of masonry and facades by keeping it dry.

·      Maintains the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation as well as reducing heat loss.

·      Hydrophobic surface which prevents water and dirt from clinging onto the treated surface.

·      ProPERLA® Masonry Crème has a 20-year guarantee.

·      ProPERLA® Coloured Façade Coatings has a 10-year guarantee.

·      ProPERLA® Water Repellent has a 10-year guarantee.

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