Shaped Bespoke Windows in Scotland.

Do you have a specific idea of what you want for your windows? If that’s the case, look no further than Homeshield Scotland LTD

Homeshield offers windows of all kinds for Scotland, including the type you design yourself. With our shaped windows, you can strike an aesthetic unique to your home and tastes.

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Unleash Your Creativity

Embrace your bespoke features today, showing off the premium qualities of your home and you could even see an increase in your property value. This is only enhanced when you add more technical elements to the window, such as high-insulating features, saving you money on energy bills. 


By customising the frame and window space, you can also customise how much natural light is allowed into your home, making you at one with nature – or perhaps completely separate. Our frame and window dimensions designs are highly flexible, offering anything from arches to triangles to pentagons – you name it. 

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Our Windows Colour Range

We have plenty of colours to choose from to ensure that can find something that fits your home!

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Keep Warm All Year Round with premium Windows.

Experience the power of modern technology with our glass and spacer units.

Our lenses and frames offer the height of what science has to offer. Pull in heat from the outside your windows, whilst stopping heat from leaving your windows.

With Homeshield Scotland LTD’s Windows, you’ll experience the highest quality thermal performance.

Homeshield Security

Warm Edge Spacer

All our windows come fitted with warm edge spacers to prevent any energy loss at glass edge

Weather Seals

Our Q-Lon weather seals offer optimal performance across all environments and temperatures

Multi Chamber Frames

All our window frames have a multi chamber construction allowing for optimal performance

Pilkington Glass

All our windows use top-of-the-range Pilkington glass, known for being as energy efficient as triple glazing

Inspiration Gallery

Take a look at the range of our window work below for an idea of how stylish your windows can look. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate.

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Our Partners, Accreditations & Awards

We operate with a number of key partners and are accredited with a number of industry standards, so you know we are a home improvement company you can trust.

In addition, we’ve been recognised with national awards including ‘Best Home Improvement Company’ by the UK Enterprise Awards three years in succession.

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We Cover All Of Scotland

We here at Homeshield take great pride in its position as Scotland’s Definitive Home Improvement Service. Where customer care and satisfaction are central to the ethos within the organisation.

We can make an appointment for one of our sales representatives to visit your home when it is convenient for you. During which, They will help you select the best products for your project and provide a free quote. All of our products are perfectly fitted by local, fully qualified professional installers. So why not choose our service today.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

The main difference between the two is the frame, and the amount of glass used. For standard windows, you can have several types of glazing, which is also true for bespoke windows. However, standard windows come in set dimensions. They do not have the unlimited design possibilities that bespoke windows do. Regardless of whether you want a circle or a pentagon – we can deliver the perfect shape for you. 

Of course. Energy bills are rising, meaning that some of the best home improvement options on the market revolve around insulation. According to EnergySavingTrust, around a quarter of your overall heat is lost through the windows. This makes insulation through double or triple-glazed windows essential. On top of this, there are various types of coatings available, such as Low-E coatings. 


Over time, your energy-efficient measure will save you enough money to match the price – meaning that energy efficient windows pay for themselves. In the context of a shaped window, it pays for the extra, bespoke cost, making it more than worth the price. 

Rest assured, our industry professionals have this covered. We will contact you over the phone for a consultation, which begins the process. They will discuss with you the design, specific requirements and other details to ensure all is up to date. 


Then, we send out our specialist surveyors. They will visit to take accurate measurements based on the existing architecture and the proposed plans. The details taken will be extensive, to remove any room for mishap. 


Then, we will create templates, if it’s called for. We will trace the exact size and shape of the window space, ensuring the windows are up to exact specifications. Our digital tools ensure precision in this action. 


We will also account for many mishaps, such as the fairly common expansion and contraction of materials that adjust the dimensions. 

Yes. Bespoke window designs are available for bi-fold doors. This would combine a space-saving, highly contemporary door style with your very own personal customisation. You could also have both the frames and the glass themselves look different from standard, as well as be double or even triple glazing. 


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