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A Space For Every Occasion

Our customers are using their Homeshield Garden Room for a wide variety of uses

– from a place to work to a place to unwind.

What is a Garden Room?

What is a Garden Room?

Victoria - Garden Room

Perfect Space Designed for You

Garden rooms are perfect for that extra little bit of space you need in your home as a home office, gym, or as a quiet paradise for you to retreat to.


Regina Garden Room

No Paint, No Rot, No Stain

Due to the composite mix of recycled wood and plastic polymers, our garden rooms are maintenance free structures with excellent weather resistance and high thermal insulation.


Maya Garden Room

Highly Insulated

The highly insulated roof and walls, accompanied by “A+” grade glazing ensures that the room is comfortable all year round.

Garden Room Cladding

10 Year Guarantee
Sustainably Sourced Composite, 100% Recyclable
BBA Certified & Fire Tested BS EN 13501-1
Premium Embossed Woodgrain Finish
Minimal Expansion/ Contraction

Garden Room Cladding

Garden Room Cladding
Garden Room Cladding System

Garden Room Styles

Due to the nature of the materials we use for our garden rooms, we can provide garden rooms in a variety of styles. We’re sure you’ll find something which is perfect for you.

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