Garden Rooms.

Versatile freestanding buildings in your garden, suitable for work and leisure. Less expensive than a home extension or outbuilding, our garden homes are customisable properties that can suit your needs. Add value to your property and experience natural Scotland light with our large windows and skylights. With Garden Rooms, you can be connected to the outdoors like never before.


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Maintenance-Free Garden Rooms Scotland

A mixture of wood and recycled plastic, our garden rooms require little maintenance to keep them functional and clean. Our strong buildings are the pinnacle of insulation standards and boast a high resistance to weather conditions. Our grade-A glazing work will keep your garden room functional year-round. Take a look through our wide selection of room design styles, materials and colours – each of them evoking a different feel that aids in whatever function you want from your Garden Room.

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Why Choose Homeshield For Your Garden Room

Our Garden Homes are expertly crafted, coming with a ten-year guarantee with premium finishes other companies would be hard-pressed to match. 


10 Year Guarantee

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Garden Room Styles

Designed specifically to be low maintenance and withstand the elements and time -their unique cross section composite material means they deliver traditional timber appearance with absolutely none of the additional upkeep.

Maintenance-Free Garden Rooms Scotland

The money you put into your Garden Room will directly add to the value of your Scotland property. We have a wide range of different set builds, with a large number of technical customisations. Lighting can include ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall sconces and spotlights. Heating can include electric, gas or underfloor heaters. Ventilation can include fans and air purifiers. Sound can include Bluetooth speakers and surround sound systems.

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Our Garden Rooms come ready to suit any need you have of your isolated space. Take a look at a selection of our past works. 

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We operate with a number of key partners and are accredited with a number of industry standards, so you know we are a home improvement company you can trust.

In addition, we’ve been recognised with national awards including ‘Best Home Improvement Company’ by the UK Enterprise Awards three years in succession.

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We here at Homeshield take great pride in its position as Scotland’s Definitive Home Improvement Service. Where customer care and satisfaction are central to the ethos within the organisation.

We can make an appointment for one of our sales representatives to visit your home when it is convenient for you. During which, They will help you select the best products for your project and provide a free quote. All of our products are perfectly fitted by local, fully qualified professional installers. So why not choose our service today.

Garden Room FAQs

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

Considering that Garden Rooms are standalone buildings, through our experience working in Scotland, there are very few times that you’ll need to have planning permission to build a garden room. According to our experience and through the Planning Portal’s regulations, these are the reasons why you’d ever need planning permission: 

  • If the Garden Room you want to build takes up more than 50% of your garden. Also, if the Garden Room will be higher than three metres in height, or the floor area is greater than 30 square meters. 
  • If the Garden Room requires new access to the property.  
  • If the Garden Room is in a conservation area or is too close to a listed building.
  • You plan to use it as permanent residential accommodation. 
  • If the Garden Room’s design clashes too heavily with the existing and surrounding properties.

The plan on where to put your Garden Room heavily depends on what you intend to use it for. The possibilities of what you can transform your Garden Room into are endless. Here in Homeshield Scotland, we have seen our garden rooms be made into gyms, home offices and guest rooms. 

Nonetheless, the location of your plot and your Garden Room must take several factors into account. For example, how much sun exposure will your room get? Up against fences, for example, you block one entire area that sunlight can enter. If you want to work in the sun whilst protected from the elements, you’ll need to find a place where the sun won’t be restricted.

Traditional styles of Garden Rooms will come complete with a pitched roof, large windows and a natural wood finish. Overall, this is a classic and timeless appearance. The large windows that are a staple of this style go well with Garden Rooms that are intended to blend the outside and the inside. The natural wood finish looks perfect in a garden due to its close relationship with trees and complements the rustic nature of traditional construction. Extra details could include stylishly exposed rafters and decorative trim work.

Contemporary styles in a Garden Room are best suited for those who want a sleek, modern and minimalist design that allows for a lot of space. This makes it perfect for rooms that require a lot of furniture, such as a music studio or a home office. Modern aesthetics tend to make areas feel light and airy, and the many ventilation functions of a Garden Room can make this a reality.

Cottage styles use sloping roofs, a mix of natural materials and the charming associations that come with the free, disconnected nature of a cottage to make your Garden Room feel inviting. This is perfect for people who want to create a living space disconnected from their house. The stone, brick and wood materials give off a timeless, comforting feel that is perfect for guests. 

Victorian styles often give off a grand, ornate upper-class feel that demands respect. Key features of Victorian style buildings are their elaborate detailing, intricate woodworking and stained glass – all whilst being perfectly functional. They often incorporate high-pitched roofs, bay windows and decorative trim work. Overall, this style is perfect for more sophisticated activities, such as a reading area, mini-library or even a social retreat.

A Mediterranean style is great for emitting warm and inviting atmospheres through its use of vibrant colours that evoke the sunny and relaxed lifestyle of the Mediterranean. It does this through its use of stone and wood materials, and elements like stucco walls, tiled roofs and wrought iron detail. Sometimes, features such as arched doorways and windows create a sense of openness that blurs the line between the outside and the inside. This is ideal for people who want to create a space of spirituality, such as a yoga studio.

The industrial style is great for evoking the raw, unfinished feel of a construction operation. The materials are all heavy-duty in nature and can be anything from stylised brick walls, steel beams and concrete floors. There is also a pervasive use of darker, more moody colours. The intense design usually clashes with everything around it, giving it an isolated and dramatic feel. Nonetheless, this is perfect for someone who wants to use their Garden Room as a place of progression. 

The Art Deco style was popularised in the 20s and 30s that evokes a feeling of luxury and sophistication. Bold geometric shapes and intricate patterns are a staple of this style and are usually done with an emphasis on symmetry and repetition. The materials most often used consist of polished metal, mirrored surfaces and rich wood with motifs of angular forms and ornamental motifs. This design choice is perfect for people looking to use their Garden Room for creative functions, such as an art room, or perhaps something as simple as a disconnected retreat for writing. 

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