Home Energy Scotland

Making homes warmer, cheaper to run and more efficient.

About Home Energy Scotland

Home Energy Scotland helps people in Scotland create warmer homes, reduce their energy bills, and lower their carbon footprint. They are also funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Energy Saving Trust. 

HES works with people and organisations to help tackle fuel poverty and the climate emergency – both key priorities for Scottish Government. 

Through a network of regional advice centres covering all of Scotland, they offer local knowledge and expert advice on:

  • saving energy and keeping warm at home
  • funding options including Scottish Government grants and interest free loans.
  • installing renewable energy at home 
  • greener travel including electric vehicles and e-bikes.
  • cutting water waste.


installed solar panels

How can Home energy Scotland help you?


Making your home more efficient can help lower your energy bills, but the upfront cost of improvements like insulation or heating often puts people off.

The good news? They have different options of funding available to you – you might be able to spread the cost with an interest-free loan, or get a grant to cover much needed home improvements.

Funding includes: 

  • Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan – you can now apply for grant funding without taking out a loan. A rural uplift is also available to provide extra support to rural and island homes which can face increased costs to install home improvements.
  • Warmer Homes Scotland – you could get funding from the Scottish Government to make energy efficiency improvements, like new heating or insulation.

Reduce my bills

Check to see if you’re eligible to get discounts from energy suppliers and if you can receive funding to improve your homes energy efficiency. 

Make my home warmer

It’s a great time to explore whether you could switch to a renewable heating system like an air source heat pump. See if you are eligible for financial support including the Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan and more.

Go green and save

Learn about ways that you can lower your carbon footprint as well as creating a greener home that relies less on conventional fossil fuels.

Get help to make your home warmer

You could be eligible for energy saving home improvements like heating and insulation, Visit Home Energy Scotland for more information.

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