Bay Windows Scotland.

Homeshield LTD Scotland introduces expertly crafted Bay Windows. Enjoy an expansive outdoor view and an enhanced feeling of added space in your room today.

Our designs are highly customisable and tailored to fit your home’s overall style and architecture. 

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Bay Windows Styles

Below are the different arrays of styles Homeshield offers for Bay Windows. 

Box Bay Windows

These are square or rectangular protrusions from the house with windows on all three sides. The top of this bay is usually capped with a hip or shed roof. The clean lines of these windows are very modern and have evolved from the traditional look, making them perfect for homes trying to give off a contemporary feel. 

Circle Bay Windows

Circle Bay Windows come in the form of, of course, a circle – or rather a semi-circle. These windows were popular back during the 19th century, as the architecture was meant to capture a panoramic view. 

Bow Windows

These semi-circular bays are accompanied by more window panels than most bay styles, with roots in 18th-century Architecture. They are designed to show off more broad street views and interior light. 

Bay windows on a street
Interior bay window

Canted Bay Windows 

Canted Bay Windows have a flat front, with two angled sides that are adorned with double hung or casement windows. This style of window goes all the way back to when the old, forgotten Gothic architecture began to see a newfound fascination in the West. 

Oriel Windows

These windows are supported by brackets and corbels that don’t reach the ground but protrude from higher floors. These actually came from old mediaeval clergy windows, often used for bedrooms and sitting rooms for extended views. 

Jettied Bay

Protruding from upper floors of timber-framed buildings, these were prominent designs in mediaeval times, and can still be found today. For the time, they were considered highly stylish. 

Our Windows Colour Range

We have plenty of colours to choose from to ensure that can find something that fits your home!

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Bay Window Security

Warm Edge Spacer

All our bay windows come fitted with warm edge spacers to prevent any energy loss at glass edge

Weather Seals

Our Q-Lon weather seals offer optimal performance across all environments and temperatures

Multi Chamber Frames

All our window frames have a multi chamber construction allowing for optimal performance

Pilkington Glass

All our windows use top-of-the-range Pilkington glass, known for being as energy efficient as triple glazing

Inspiration Gallery

Take a look at the range of our window work below for an idea of how stylish your windows can look. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate.

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We operate with a number of key partners and are accredited with a number of industry standards, so you know we are a home improvement company you can trust.

In addition, we’ve been recognised with national awards including ‘Best Home Improvement Company’ by the UK Enterprise Awards three years in succession.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

Bay Windows are indeed frequent throughout Scotland. Many Scottish homes are traditional, meaning they date back to the 18th century’s standards of home building in both rural and urban areas. This is perfect, as Bay Windows suit traditional homes perfectly, as that was when the style was first invented. Nonetheless, many different renditions of Bay Windows have been created to evoke different aesthetic styles, many of them being contemporary. 

It impacts it positively. The average floor space of a living room in Scotland, for example, is around 15 to 25 square feet. But not only do Bay Windows not infringe on this space, it also increases the feeling of spaciousness in the room despite only giving a small amount of additional floor space, as it transcends beyond the normal borders of the room. 

On top of this, the additional windows that bay windows give will allow in more light, highlighting just how much room your living room has. The darker a room is, typically, the smaller it feels. 

Most likely. There are considerations to be made, such as the complexity of the design, and the size/materials of the windows themselves. You will also need a window repair specialist who knows and has training and experience with Bay Windows. These factors typically increase the price.

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