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Homeshield Scotland Ltd believes that modern home improvements should be as beautiful as they are functional, and we use the latest in technology to make that a reality. With us, you can expect your uPVC doors to have a high standard of security, and energy efficiency, and come in a wide range of styles and colour options.


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The highest level of security for your Scotland home

At Homeshield Scotland LTD, we understand that doors are the first line of defence for your home, which is why we take security seriously. Our doors feature the latest technology to ensure your home and family are safe and secure. 

We exceed industry standards by working closely with the police and participating in schemes such as “secure by design”. As a result, our standalone doors are among the most secure in Scotland. With Homeshield Scotland LTD, you can trust that your doors will provide the highest level of security possible, giving you peace of mind and protection for your home.

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Stunning and Sleek. New uPVC Doors, perfect for any entrance.

Whether you are looking to flood your rooms with more natural light or create a stunning aesthetic entrance to your home. Whatever your goals, our range of new uPVC doors can provide and we are here to help make your vision a reality.


All of our external uPVC Doors come complete with YALE's latest multi-point locking system.

Energy Efficient

Our uPVC doors are crafted using A-Rated uPVC which means that switching to our uPVC doors can save you money on your heating bills.

Draught Free

Our uPVC Door range provides you full weather protection. With air-tight seals to keep out draughts and leaks.

Our uPVC Door Colour Range

We have plenty of colours to choose from to ensure that can find something that fits your home!

Why uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are also known as vinyl doors and have some main features that make them a stand-out option when you are looking for new doors in Scotland:


uPVC doors are durable and long-lasting. They are made of rigid plastic that can take a lot of wear, meaning they do not suffer from the weaknesses of traditional wooden doors, meaning they do not crack, warp, or fade. They can also take a beating from the Scottish weather, meaning that they will shield your home from harsh outdoor conditions.


uPVC doors are also known as vinyl doors, and they come stocked with the resistance of the material. They are resistant to heat and fire, as well as weather and rot.


UPVC doors require little maintenance, and are easily cleaned with simple soap and water. Unlike traditional wood that fades over time, they do not need to be painted or stained to renew their appearance. This makes uPVC doors a great care-free option.


uPVC doors are highly affordable due to the inexpensive production process, and thus, you can get a long-term, nice looking and high-quality door for the fraction of the price you might expect.

Energy Efficient

uPVC doors are highly energy efficient, doing their part to save energy lost through doors to the point that, with the thermal savings you make on bills, eventually the doors end up paying for themselves! On top of this, this home improvement option will improve the value of your home.

Highest Quality Security

Doors are the first in the line of defence for your home, and with Homeshield Scotland Ltd’s doors, you can expect the very best technology has to offer in keeping your doors and homes secure. We go above and beyond industry standards whilst working alongside police in schemes such as the “secure by design”. With this, we achieve the highest level of security for standalone doors in Scotland. 

Multi-point Locking System

Multi-point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind

4 Pre-compression Rollers

4 Pre-compression rollers allowing the door to seal prior to hooks engaging for smooth operation

3 Steel hooks

3 Opposing steel hooks to maximise strength

2 Anti-lift bolts

2 Anti-lift bolts preventing the door lock from being dislodged

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Our Partners, Accreditations & Awards

We operate with a number of key partners and are accredited with a number of industry standards, so you know we are a home improvement company you can trust.

In addition, we’ve been recognised with national awards including ‘Best Home Improvement Company’ by the UK Enterprise Awards three years in succession.

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We Cover All Of Scotland

We here at Homeshield take great pride in its position as Scotland’s Definitive Home Improvement Service. Where customer care and satisfaction are central to the ethos within the organisation.

We can make an appointment for one of our sales representatives to visit your home when it is convenient for you. During which, They will help you select the best products for your project and provide a free quote. All of our products are perfectly fitted by local, fully qualified professional installers. So why not choose our service today.

uPVC Doors FAQs

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

uPVC doors are also known as vinyl doors and have been considered to be the perfect replacement for standard, traditional wooden doors which have a number of drawbacks including: 

  • Substandard Durability – Wooden Doors’ durability is heavily impacted by warping, rotting and infestations. All of these are caused by humidity and moisture, which is only further exacerbated in areas more prone to rain. 
  • High Maintenance – Wooden Doors tend to wear easily, meaning they need constant maintenance in the form of painting or staining in order to maintain their form and appearance. 
  • High Cost – The creation process of wooden doors is fairly expensive, especially when trying to buy nicer-looking, more durable types of wood. Wooden door prices can range from £600 to £3,000. 
  • Energy Inefficient – Unfortunately, wooden doors are not the most energy efficient when it comes to production and their thermal efficiency, with a lot of heat often lost through wooden doors. 


uPVC doors have a list of pros that address each of these issues, and as a result, they have become a highly desirable choice for both home and commercial settings. It is predicted that these doors will become the most popular replacement choice as standards move away from wooden doors.

All of our doors have different strengths and weaknesses. For those of you wondering why you should go for one over the other, then the following may be informative: 

  • uPVC vs Composite Doors – Composite doors are inherently more expensive due to being a combination of materials, such as wood, PVC and plastic. They also require more maintenance, as the composite door’s surface may need to be stained or painted in order to maintain its appearance. 
  • uPVC vs French Doors – uPVC doors are made with weather resistance and heat insulation in mind. This is due to their vinyl material. French doors, however, are built from wood and aluminium and can be vulnerable to some warping and swelling, which can hinder their insulating ability. 
  • uPVC vs Bi-Fold Doors – Bi-fold doors typically have less security options than uPVC doors, mainly due to the fact that they are mainly made up largely of glass. They are also less easy to maintain due to the marks and stains that can appear on glass surfaces.


None of this is to say that uPVC is inherently better than other doors, only that it has uses and pros that make it more suitable for one owner than the other. For example, in some areas of Scotland, you may value insulation more than others. Or if you lived in a higher crime area, you may want a door with high security as opposed to one mainly made of glass. 

Nonetheless, it’s worth it to weigh your options and know the role of each door before making your choice.

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